Identitätscoaching & Strategien

Heidi loves life coaching and strategies because it combines all her professional and private know how in one profession.

Her passion is to improve quality of life by taking the risk to live to our potential.

She beliefs if you know and link your talents, gifts and passions into your life, you will become "the best of your best". In doing so you will be happy and do great things.

......"Our strength & potentials are our gifts (our life packet). They are an indicator for our happiness! They meant to be lived! It is important to know them and find possibilities to implement them in our life otherwise we are the endless seekers in our happy lives"...


Heidi gets existed about  great Ideas and well thought out strategies, so that everybody gets the best out of it. 


.."It is like an adventure: the way is the excitement, the achievement a great reward"...

Heidi understands coaching as a combination of an individual, creative, supportive and future oriented process of visioning, strategic planning, problem solving and supportive activation. 

As a coach she is assist in:

  • Identifying the current status, natural strengths and Visions.

  • Defining a goal.

  • Visualizing a defined future.

  • Establish a common-sense  strategy that will implement and grow with the client.

  • Help stop spinning and start implementing.