Autogenic Training (AT)


Stress Management

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During her over 20 years of experience as an Intensive care Nurse in Germany, Heidi learned a lot about stress situations and illnesses.

..." Autogenic Training is a  powerful support self-help technique! ..."


First, she experienced the value of AT on the ENT ward with patients who suffered from Tinnitus and sudden hearing loss.

A.T. was for these patients a kind of self-help tool that could be practised anytime, anywhere. It eased the panic over another "stress attack".

As a matter of fact

She had similar experiences with patients in the intensive care unit. Especially patients with asthma or "manager's disease" (such as heart attack, obesity, high blood pressure, alcoholism, burnout symptoms ....) benefited from AT.

...""I am always fascinated by how much AT helps to help ourselves!

A.T. has a permanent place in my life; I can practice it anytime, anywhere. It anchors me within a few minutes. For example, I use it with my fear of dentists, and when I'm exhausted. I am always surprised by the positive and relaxing effect. "...

Heidi now combines her professional experience with her career as a coach and consultant for stress management and identity.


She lives with her husband, daughter, a cat and a rabbit on an Island near Auckland / New Zealand and part-time in Germany.